About the Artist

Susan Slotter

 Fine Art Photographer



Integrative Creative Consultant/Midwife


"In the beginning... God said, let there be light. And there was light." In the beginning, a young woman left the corporate world to become an artist, with an expressed desire to "nurture life and the soul, create growth inspiration and freedom within herself and others, and contribute to a planet of community and peace."  Susan's first medium became photography, "writing with light."  She became an alchemist at capturing, portraying, translating Essence on film.  An early image, Light Being, was highly published in magazines across the country and cracked open her life as an artist.


Susan has created interrelated bodies of images called SoulScapes destined for books and filmsA partial list of the many holistic and other diverse venues which have featured SoulScapes images in solo exhibitions, publications and presentations include: Wheeler Opera House, Aspen Wellness Center, the Omega Institute, the Fetzer Institute, the Institute of Noetic Sciences, The Sun Magazine, Yoga Journal, Gnosis, Creation Spirituality, Element Books, Camera and Darkroom, Popular Photography, Photo District News, Advertising Age, Santa Fe TREND/Architecture & Design, United Airlines Destinations, Maine Photographic Workshops, Santa Fe Photographic Workshops, and Hasselblad USA.


Susan's life and work can be described as a poem and prayer. Her work in all its forms evolves from her  spirtual healing transformational  journey, containing powerful evocation and catalytic energy for others in theirs.  Suzuki Roshi's quote affirms one of many messages at the core of the Light Being:


Each of us must make our own true way,

And when we do,

that way will express the universe.

 Suzuki Roshi


Susan has a remarkable gift of helping others to bring forth their creative visions and dreams – which she has offered in the forms of photography/soul journey workshops, portraits, soul guide, and integrative consultant/midwife for a myriad of diverse creative projects, including films such as Mining the Unconscious (Marcelina Martin), She Had Some Horses (Donna Wells), Looking for Mr. Stieglitz (Steve Zeifman), and the book How Do You Pray? (Celeste Yacoboni).


Susan wrote when she left the corporate world that she was passionate about  "promoting people, projects and causes she believes in." 25 years later, this is still what she says and does, adding that the biggest cause she believes in is creating a world that promotes the thriving of the whole and each and every one of its parts.


Twenty five years after leaving the corporate world to become an artist, Susan is working on an umbrella susanslotter.com website. While in process, she returns to the Light in the beginning of the journey with her Light Being photograph – one piece of, and representative of, the whole.  In the mid 90's, upon request by exhibit viewers, Susan crafted the Light Being into a fine art poster; like a treasure that has been buried under the sea, the exquisite reproduction from the original printing is now available to the last several hundred purchasers.


Revel in the essence and beauty in the range of Susan's work in the video Spirit At Work or visiting www.SoulScapes.com.



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